Our first rescue mission of 2015

This is a story about vet Meryl meeting Meryl the orangutan, the first Nyaru Menteng rescue of the year.

In the early morning of January 7, 2015 our team from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center went to Tumbang Jiga Village after receiving news about an orangutan baby kept by villagers.

The baby orangutan was found in a very poor condition. She was weak and thin.

Meryl Yemima, our veterinarian at Nyaru Menteng, quickly lifted up the small orangutan, covered her with a warm blanket, and gently carried her. During the trip back to Nyaru Menteng's clinic for further treatment, the baby orangutan occasionally let out sobbing sounds from vet Meryl’s arms. The trip took around 8 hours.

You can read Meryl's story here or donate to her vet and nursing care.

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5 March 2015
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GINGERary and Summer Ginge '15 is back on 27th February! Its organiser, R.A.N.G.A. (Red and Nearly Ginger Association) exists to represent the interests of ginger primates everywhere and over the years has raised money for one particularly special group, the orangutans. Read Article »

Updates from Nyaru Menteng

20 February 2015
Reintroduction program update from Nyaru Menteng.
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Saving Meryl

13 February 2015
This is a story about BOS vet Meryl meeting Meryl the orangutan, the first Nyaru Menteng rescue of the year.
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Is Conservation Guerrilla Warfare Dead, or Just Turned Corporate?

13 February 2015, The Jakarta Globe
With pretty small financial means, conservation has won many such battles. The conservation movement has also been successful to get conservation principles onto the political agendas, into mainstream media, and into public discourse.
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An interview with Lone Drøscher Nielsen and excerpts from her talks in Australia March 2014.

A message from Lone to her Australian supporters:
"Thank you all in Australia for your dedication and zest for the cause and also for your wonderfully executed fundraising tour. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope we might be able to repeat this again sometime."

If you missed Lone's 2014 BOS Australia lecture tour, further media interview podcasts and video links can be found here.

For updates on the latest releases you can follow the Central Kalimantan Release Blog and the East Kalimantan Release Blog . These are updated regularly directly from Indonesia and the team on the ground.

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