Baby Katty

Baby Katty
Payment Option: Single Payment
Baby Katty is one of the cutest baby orangutans you will ever see. She was rescued from a local resident who was keeping her illegally as a pet.

Katty arrived in poor condition and required daily, intensive treatment from our medical team. After several weeks of love and care, Katty made a full recovery and her physical condition and overall health has remained stable. Considering the condition Katty came to us in, she has made a remarkable transformation. 

Katty now needs someone like you to adopt her which will help pay the costs of the nurturing and training she should have received from her mother.

nb. hard copy certificates will be dispatched end of March, e-certificates will be available sooner

Payment Option: Single Payment

Additional Information
What do I receive during my adoption?

For $120 per annum (on a one-off or ongoing basis) or $32.50 quarterly ongoing or $12 monthly ongoing you can adopt one or more of our orangutans; and it is tax deductible. With this you will receive:

  • a certificate of adoption, including a photo
  • an information sheet about your baby;
  • half yearly updates on their progress;
  • Our newsletter;
  • a small gift
Gift adoptions

If you are adopting online as a gift, please provide the name of the person to appear on the adoption certificate, and any personalised gift message for the cover letter, in the "Special order Instructions" box, just after the payment details during checkout. If the gift is a surprise, we recommend you add your name to the message.

If the pack is to be delivered to you initially, please also provide an email or postal address for the gift recipient in the "Instructions" box to ensure they receive their adoption updates and news.

Renewing Adoptions
After 12 months, on renewal, you will receive a certificate of your ongoing support and continue to receive updates and news from us. nb. if you adopt with an ongoing payment basis (monthly/quarterly/annual ongoing) your donations will automatically continue until you advise us in writing to cease the adoption.
About your donation

Your donation will be used in general support of BOS rescue and rehabilitation efforts, including medicine, food, equipment, rescue operations, cages and hundreds of other things necessary for the ongoing careof these fabulous animals.

There is no limit to the number of people who can adopt our babies.



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