Be an Orangutan Champion

Thank you to our Orangutan Champions

Definition of champion (Oxford English Dictionary, 2002)

- "a person who argues or fights for a cause..."
- "strongly support the cause of..."

We really appreciate the effort people go to raise funds for orangutan conservation. This is especially true for our younger supporters, who give us hope for the future.

Please email us your fundraising or conservation success stories to

Here are some of our recent champions:

April 2015: Finlay Mason is 8 years old. He lives in Singapore and goes to the Australian International School. Last term he learned about endangered species and did his presentations on orangutans. He then set up a stall, selling unwanted toys and soft drinks, to raise money for orangutans. After learning about BOS he decided to do a stall every Sunday for five weeks and raised $216. Well done Finlay. 

Feb/March 2015: R.A.N.G.A. (the Red and Nearly Ginger Association) hosted their annual SummerGinge in Melbourne following GINGERary. Their evening of entertainment was attended by true RANGA's and those wearing some striking orange/red wigs and headgear. They raised just over $2000 for BOS Australia. Well done team R.A.N.G.A.

  • April 2014: Julia Groenig is a biologist and Green Office Rep at the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland in Brisbane. She works with honey bees and recently started a little palm oil awareness campaign at her institute using handmade beeswax (= palm oil free! :-) candles from their research bees - 'Bees for BOS'. Each candle comes in a paper bag made from 'upcycled' UQ sustainability posters and a little palm oil info leaflet.
Julia and the Queensland Brain Institute raised $150 for BOS in April. Julia said "hopefully some of my colleagues were inspired to choose palm oil free products when shopping and are more aware of this problem."

Jonah is 10 years old. He is raising awareness for the Orangutans and their forest homes being destroyed by Palm Oil Plantations. His goal is to raise enough donations to fund the release of an orangutan back into the wild. Jonah has recently become a Youth Ambassador for Palm Oil Investigations. You can support Jonah via his mycause fundraising page.

This is an image of Jonah with Lone Dröscher Nielsen (at right), at her recent Lecture for BOS Australia in Brisbane.

  • Earlier this year Brett King decided that turning six called for an orangutan-themed party which also provided to an opportunity to raise money for orangutan conservation.Brett wanted to have a party that was fun but without destroying the environment. So no plastic plates, wrappers and other disposables.
    Brett and his friends enjoyed palm-oil free snacks like fruit sticks, a sausage sizzle, and of course an orangutan cake presented by a ”real” orangutan (Brett’s mum). Partygoers contributed $450 to BOS Australia on the day.

  • In March 2014 Rietine Kuipers turned 65 years old and asked family and friends to support BOS Australia instead of buying a present. Rietine said "I really would like to adopt Dodo and to buy some rainforest square metres." Rietine's family and friends were very generous and raised AUD $2200.

  • Rio Tinto Social Club: 250 Rio Tinto employees gathered at Irish Murphy’s on Friday 28 June 2013 to socialise with their colleagues, enjoy some drinks and raise money for Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia. Almost $1000 was raised for the cause through gold coin donations and a raffle.

  • Qantas Staff Credit Union purchased  x14 adoptions in June 2013 for their internal departments.

  • The Body Shop Australia in May 2013 donated $2280 to purchase x15 adoptions and x4 Celebrate Friendship certificates for their stores.

  • Reese Jackson, an 11 year old from Texas, USA wrote "I saw a program about Nyaru Menteng and was inspired to help the orangutans. I was amazed at how well you took care of the orangutans. You give them the next best thing to being in the wild.
I decided instead of birthday presents that I would ask for donations for the orangutans. Thanks to my generous family and friends, I raised $600.00 for them!! I have attached a picture of myself and my orangutan birthday cake!

I hope this helps the orangutans!!! I am so proud to be an Orangutan Champion!

  • Scallywags Childcare Centre at Bathurst has done it again! As carer Trish Cowan says, it doesn't matter how old you are, we can all make a difference and these under 5's keep proving just that. 

    The children have been keen orangutan supporters for some years and with their fundraising efforts have adopted Dodo. They have again stepped up their efforts with a donation tin sitting at the front counter, the sale of pens and most recently, an Orange Day. Orange clothes and orange hair set the scene for the day with the menu including iced orange cup cakes and orange bread for sausage sandwiches!  The orange theme extended to art activities including masks and posters all made by the pre-school children to promote the day.  'Orangutan, Orangutan, Banana' was a favourite game - that's not easy to keep saying as you go round and round in a circle!

    The money raised ($192.40) will fund a wheelbarrow, food to feed an orphan orangutan baby for two months and $100 vet care.  

Thank you everyone for your fantastic efforts!

Students at Creswick Primary School (Vic) making a rainforest collage


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