Bridgestone adopts 2 orangutans

BOS Foundation: 17 July 2012

In a series of events conducted by Bridgestone, a leading tyre manufacturer, the BOS Foundation accepted generous donations including cash in the amount of IDR 40 million, car tyres, as well as tree planting and care on a one-hectare area at Samboja Lestari for 8 years.

During the events held on July 11-12, 2012 at Samboja Lestari, Bridgestone’s President Director Mr. Junichi Kumano and Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Sinya Hisada were so delighted when we took them to visit the Orangutan Nursery. They loved what they saw and enjoyed being close to the orangutans. However, they also expressed their concerns regarding the awful fate that have befallen these orangutans. Deeply moved by the experience, on behalf of Bridgestone they also decided to adopt two orangutans, Elder and Boy.

Bridgestone is committed to keep renewing the adoption of Elder and Boy until they are ready to be reintroduced into their habitat. We are very pleased to hear that. It is our wish that in the future there are many more who will do the same. Congratulations, Elder and Boy. We hope one day, with the help from Bridgestone you will be able to go home to the forest.

By: Windi Kristianti – Samboja Lestari Communications Coordinator