Clever Sue

17 July 2012: BOS Foundation

Sue who was previously known as Cheryl is a clever and playful orangutan. 1 year-old Sue still lives in the Quarantine Enclosure with friends her age. Sue never gets along with Mads. Every time they meet, they end up in a fight. But to her other friends, Sue is known as a socialite. Sue also loves to cuddle with her babysitter. She is so adorable!

Sue is kind and rarely hassles anyone. She is never fussy at night. As long as she is well fed with fruits and milk, she will fall asleep right away and does not wake up until morning comes. On sunny days, Sue and her friends are allowed to join the Forest School. This is the moment she is always waiting for. Sue is so happy when she meets more friends and especially bigger orangutans.

At Forest School, Sue joins and follows the bigger orangutans to explore, climb trees and find forest fruits. Her favorite fruit is called vitex (a type of wild blueberry), which often makes her seem like she has a blue-black lipstick on. Sue also loves to learn new things. Hopefully this means Sue will be able to be reintroduced into her original habitat.

By: Siti Sundari – Samboja Lestari