Help us build a new baby house

Why we need your help!

The recent forest fires and haze have left many young orangutans orphaned and we have already rescued 6 infants in the last few weeks bringing our baby group to 22 orangutans. Even more are expected to arrive and our current Baby House is too small and insufficient for our needs.
We desperately need to build a bigger Baby House to accommodate all of our babies and provide them with the round the clock care they need in a hygienic, suitable environment.

What we want to do

Our new Baby House will be a brand new facility, large enough to house all our babies and any new arrivals. We have designed outdoor forest schools and indoor play areas so that even when it is raining, our babies can continue to learn and play. 

We have designed two separate buildings (see plans below); one for healthy babies which have completed their health screening and one for incoming babies who need to be quarantined before they can join the rest of the orphans. Each building is self-contained with new kitchen and bathroom facilities, bedrooms for when we need one-on-one care with new or sick babies, and attaching outdoor sleeping enclosures for older orangutans. 

We are not just building a house, we are building a home in an environment where our babies have the best opportunities to learn and receive the dedicated love and care they need to be healthy, happy and confident young orangutans.

We need your help to build a new home for our babies.
Please support us however you can this Christmas!

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Thank you