If you love someone, set them free

Many of these beautiful primates, like 21-year old Mama Tata, above, and her child, have spent years in our sanctuaries being cared for and rehabilitated before set free in their natural environment.

This journey for each orangutan encompasses a “ticket price” of $9,450.  So at BOS in Australia, we are determined to raise $94,500 to provide freedom for another 10 orangutans this year.

In making your plans for the closing financial year we urge you to consider the tax effective advantages as well as the very real environmental gains your donation can share with these intelligent and serene jungle apes.

Your donation is important and goes directly to BOS Indonesia to help bring this noble yet endangered species back from the brink and on a path to freedom.

To look into the eyes of Mama Tata and her child you can’t help but love them.  For the rest of her species, we can’t set them free without you.

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