Medical Wish-list for Nyaru Menteng

The medical requirements within the BOS rescue and rehabilitation centres are practically as wide-ranging as within human medical services. Can you help us out with a donation of any of the items on the wish list?


The BOS staff are dealing with young orangutans who have lost the natural protection of their mothers’ milk and are living close together in an area of some of the most aggressive tropical diseases.

Orangutans suffer from the same illnesses as us. BOS sees regular cases of malaria, typhoid, typhus, dengue and the full spectrum of colds and flu, let alone the other diseases that can’t be diagnosed but are most definitely present (eg leptospirosis).

The assessments and treatments for these are effectively the same as with human patients.

The items listed are those considered to be the most essential and are also small enough to be taken into Indonesia personally with one of our volunteers.  Please contact us at if you have access to any of the following items.

Item Details
Thermometers Good quality electronic, water-proof
Electro-surgical device Ideally bi-polar
Clippers Rechargeable clippers for I.V./surgical preparation
Infusion pumps Specifically VERSAFLOW 1000 volumetric infusion pump
Analysis / tests
AP120E system by Biomerieux
Binax NOW Malaria test
Typhidot or TUBEX system
Tuberculosis bench tests. Generally using Gamma interferon etc Required as a back up system. However it would need to include ELIZA plate analysis equipment or be independent of this analysis
Quinine suplhate I.V.
Doxicycline I.V.
Human Albumin solution 20%
Paracetamol suppositories 120mg, 250mg, 500mg
Azithromycin tabs and I.V.
Metronidazol I.V., suppository only
Diazepam I.V. and oral