BOS Australia Ambassadors

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia celebrity ambassador partnerships

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOS) is proud to announce its celebrity ambassador partnerships.

The ambassadors include actress Linda Cropper (Offspring, Network Ten) and Teisha Lowry (Australian model and founder of Indah Organics) who will join forces in giving a voice to the endangered orangutan population of Borneo.

Tony Gilding, President of BOS Australia, says “As we continue our hard work over in Borneo, we are thrilled to align with these generous, passionate animal lovers to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutans here in Australia, and look forward taking even greater strides forward over the coming years to help our primate friends,” he said.

To help make a difference to the endangered orangutan species, BOS is humbled to partner with the following ambassadors:

One of Australia’s most versatile and accomplished actors, Linda Cropper has a string of film credits to her name. Most recently, however, her role in Channel Ten’s Offspring has seen her achieve critical acclaim. Well renowned for her Australian theatre performances, Linda is also a huge lover of furry friends, and is appalled at the destruction of the orangutan’s habitat. “I am humbled to make any contribution I can to help them,” she shares.

The brains and natural beauty behind INDAH Organics is Teisha Lowry, a model and entrepreneur working to ensure the beauty industry is both sustainable and ethical. Teisha has many strings to her bow – she’s an aromacologist, an organic skincare founder, a world-famous model and a business graduate, but perhaps most proudly she is a champion for green and humanitarian causes. “I was so excited to come on board as an ambassador for BOSA, and already have adopted two babies, Miko and Dodo,” says Teisha. “Orangutans are our closest ancestors, sharing 98 percent of our DNA, so I try and do as much as I can on a personal and business level to bring awareness to this wonderful cause.”
In October 2014 Teisha married and her wedding guests raised $500 for BOS Australia in lieu of gifts.

BOSA is proud to align with such passionate media personalities, in their quest to help the plight of the orangutans.