Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA) Palm Oil Policy

BOSA’s overarching objective is protect Orangutans and to stop deforestation as a result of palm oil plantations in South East Asia.

We wish to achieve this objective through the following strategies:

1)    Inform and mobilise the Australian public.

Accurately informing the public about the impact of unsustainable palm oil plantations in South-east Asia is one of BOSA’s core objectives. We have made a sincere commitment to providing the latest research on the issues involved through the use of internet based resources, newspaper and magazine articles, and communication with other NGOs.

We provide the public with all the resources they need to generate positive change in the palm oil industry.

2)    Lobby for the transparent labelling of palm oil

BOSA advocates for the mandatory labelling of palm oil on all products manufactured in Australia. It is crucial that consumers be given a choice to purchase sustainably produced alternatives to generic products that contain ingredients from destructive sources.  

In order to achieve the mandatory labelling of palm oil we encourage the Ministerial council to amend the FSANZ code which regulates labelling in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian governments’ own independent review recommended palm oil is labelled. This is currently under technical review.  

3)    Lobby for the use of sustainable palm oil

In order to change corporate practices on the sourcing and labelling of palm oil, we continually remind companies about the issue. We encourage companies to source only RSPO certified sustainable Palm oil (CSPO segregated and not a lesser certification).