Quarantine enclosures: Last stop on the road to release

The building of the quarantine enclosures to facilitate the release of orangutans from  Nyaru Menteng is a crucial requirement in the orangutan release program, as once the final selection is made of the first 24 individuals to be released, it will be necessary to immediately isolate them from the other orangutans in the program. 

The orangutans will be released in groups of eight, with five females and three males in each group.  The quarantine process will ensure that the selected individuals remain isolated from possible contamination of disease from the general population.  It will also allow for the socialization of the groups and the observation of the success or failure of socialization within each group.  It is most important that the individuals in each group are compatible.

The quarantine enclosures (see drawing below) include individual enclosures as well as larger socialization enclosures.  The individual enclosures are designed so that the orangutans are facing one another at all times.  The individuals are then periodically placed in the socialization enclosures to allow interaction and identify any possible behavioural problems.

Once the quarantine enclosures are built we will be ready to release orangutans as soon as the land agreement is reached, so these can be considered the final stage in release preparation and crucial to overall success.  Negotiations are currently underway with PT Akhates Plywood on the land agreement and the key point now is exactly how many hectares it will give us.  It is hoped that by the time negotiations are completed the cages will be well underway.

The cost is A$150,000 for a block of ten. We need at least one block of ten to start releasing and ideally four blocks, therefore totalling an estimated A$600,000.  Each block will contain 10 individual enclosures and an enclosure that will allow socialization of the groups. 

BOS Australia has committed to funding one block at a cost of $150,000.

It is planned that the other BOS countries can finance the other 3 blocks.

Thus, the release timetable cannot be determined until the enclosures are funded and built.

Prof Dr. Ir. Bungaran Saragih (Chairman Board of Trustees BOS Foundation) and E.G. Togu Manurung Ph.D. (Chairman & CEO BOS Foundation) discussed the importance of the release program on their recent visit to Australia (click here for video interview)

To make a donation towards these cages please either:

a) Go to our web site and make an online donation. Mark the donation as for enclosures
b) Send a cheque to BOS Australia. PO Box 3916 Mosman NSW 2088 Australia
c) Ring our office on 02 9011 5455 to discuss other payment options including Direct Debit
d) Send us an email on contact@orangutans.com.au with any questions.

Prepared by Joel Palmer BOS-F and Tony Gilding BOS-A
28 November 2010