The first releases...

This week Astrid (pictured), Monic, Tantri and Tarzan will be released back to their long awaited home in the forest, the Betikap region in  Central Kalimantan. The first of many.

After spending some years in the care of Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre it is now time for these beautiful orangutans to be returned to freedom in a protected forest.

Let's meet the release team:

Anton is the Manager of the Orangutan Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng and heads the reintroduction program. He has been instrumental in developing the program over the past two years.

Vet Siska’s most personal experience with the orangutans was as a surrogate mother for a 6 week old baby who was rejected by his mother. Her biggest dream is obviously to see all of her beloved orangutans released back to the forest and start a new life on their own.
She will escort the very first group of orangutans to be released in the Bukit Batikap Forest.

Agus has dedicated the last five years of his life to working with the BOS Foundation at Nyaru Menteng as one of our six veterinarians on our Medical Team.


Together with Siska and the Release Team, Agus will be escorting Astrid, Monic, Tantri and Tarzan back to their long awaited home in the forest. Latest updates on the release can be found here.

Sunday 26th Feb - the release team in Nyaru Menteng were busy preparing.....