Are you an eco-adventurer?


2-4  eco adventurers to visit remote jungle in  Borneo, spend 6 days travelling along impossible roads, cross raging rivers and pay a small fortune for the privilege.


See a stunningly beautiful remote and wild part of Borneo seldom seen by Indonesians let alone foreigners.

Know that your trip has helped in the first ever major release of Orangutans back to the wild.

Borneo Orangutan Survival  ( BOSF) have recently secured 86,000 Hectares of some of  the most remote and beautiful rainforest in the world as a future home for Orangutans. It is called Kehje Sewen Forest (Kehje means Orangutan in Wahea, the language of the local tribe)

The Orangutan release into Kehje Sewen Forest which is slated for early 2012 will make history as the largest ever release of ex captive Orangutans into the wild.

In the meantime the crew from BOS Foundation Indonesia ( BOSF) who are managing the programme need to visit the release site to monitor for illegal logging and to maintain relations with the local tribes.
This however is a costly and time consuming exercise and BOSF are looking for fellow travellers to cover costs and share this once in a lifetime experience.

The small group of less than 10 persons in 2x  4 WD will spend 6 days on this adventure which will include travel across dirt roads, river crossings by sling, visits to Dayak Villages and a sneak preview of this magnificent forest and river which will eventually be home to some150 Orangutans.

An optional one or two day visit to the sanctuary where the Orangutans are being prepared for release is also possible. ( Visitors to the sanctuary need TB and Hepatitis clearance prior to travel)

The price will range from A$ 4,000 to $A 6,000 ex Singapore or Jakarta depending on the number of particpants.

The tour will be guided by 2 English speaking forest and Orangutan experts from BOSF.

Departure date is negotiable

For futher details contact