Yvonne Levenston Solo Exhibition

extra OPEN Night

 Thursday 29 October 11am-7.30pm 
Due to your requests, the gallery will be open longer - drop in for coffee, a glass of wine and a slice of banana cake

Artist TALK
Saturday 31 October 2-3pm
Yvonne will be discussing her work and what motivates and inspires her - Q&A encouraged. Join Yvone for coffee or a glass of wine and a slice of banana cake.

Yvonne Levenston is a Sydney artist focusing on environmental issues.

This is her first solo exhibition - a culmination of many hours of viewing, drawing and photographing Orangutans, Chimpanzees and Gorilla’s around the world.

The exhibition is a reflection of her journeys, her life and the grief of recently losing one of her closest friends – her mum, to cancer. Now an ‘orphan’ Yvonne is contemplating her own presence + absence, as well as the fragility of our closest cousins and humanity through the fragility of the global ecosystems, the impact of consumerism and human footprint on the environment.

Through her practice of printmaking, painting, photography and sculpture, she aims to raise questions about humanity, animal justice and social values.

Yvonne’s artwork has won a selection of awards and has been exhibited independently in over 40 group shows. One of the highlights was curating and exhibiting for Dr Jane Goodall in 2011.

Yvonne’s artwork is regularly selected for environmental and animal welfare charities, and has had five articles written about her work and related fundraising efforts. She is a Guest Speaker and provides artist talks and workshops. Her work is in Private Collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, Toronto, Bermuda, China & Luxembourg.