Feasting in the forest

In the forest, our Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team members rely on supplies purchased monthly in Muara Wahau, the nearest town to Camp Nles Mamse, about 70 kilometres away. There, logistical and bulk food supplies, including vegetables... View Article

Long trek with breathtaking views

According to forest researcher Dr Sven Wunder, forest environmental services and conservation areas are generally divided into four categories: carbon sequestration and storage, biodiversity protection, watershed protection, and landscape beauty. In terms of its landscape beauty,... View Article

Big baby steps

Do you remember our rescued baby orangutans Aiko, Ramangai and Onyer? We have wonderful news: All three completed their quarantine period and are now in the Nursery Group. Here the youngsters learn how to climb trees... View Article

The power of the hornbill

The hornbill is a perfect example of how tight nature and culture are interwoven. The unique bird with its brightly coloured and distinctively shaped bill not only helps to maintain the quality of forest ecosystems; it... View Article

Survey on bikes

When we release orangutans to the Bornean rainforest or a pre-release island, we need to make sure they find enough natural food. Therefore, we not only monitor them and make sure they are healthy and adapting... View Article

Stuck in the jungle

Have you ever wondered how our Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) Team in East Kalimantan transports all their equipment through the Bornean rainforest? To say the least, it’s challenging. It’s a long journey to reach our two camps... View Article

Our first rescue of the year

In cooperation with the Central Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), we recently carried out our first rescue mission of the year. An adult male orangutan needed our help. We had received some information about this... View Article

Another Baby!

The ultimate goal of all of BOS Foundation’s reintroduction efforts is to establish populations of orangutans who are self-sufficient, have babies and raise them to independence. Therefore, the best marker of success for us is when... View Article

Free Dilla!

We have great news: Orangutan Jungle School star Dilla, together with her female friends Mawas and Jeliva, has been released on the Badak Kecil Orangutan Sanctuary Island! We are delighted to report the safe and successful... View Article