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Welcome to the BOS Australia Photo Gallery All of these orangutans reside in our refuge sanctuaries in Indonesia. You can download and reproduce these pictures for the purpose of orangutan conservation and awareness only, and including... View Article

Orangutan Habitat

Of the nearly 250,000 flowering plants known, 170,000 or 68 percent occur in the tropics and subtropics, making tropical rainforests among the most diverse and complex living environments on Earth.

Orangutan Threats

There are numerous threats to the viability of the remaining wild orangutan population in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Orangutan Facts

The name orangutan derives from the Malay and Indonesian phrase ‘orang-hutan’, meaning ‘person of the forest’. Orangutans are highly intelligent with an ability to reason and think. These large, gentle red apes are one of our... View Article

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BOS Videos Orangutans - Keep Holding On ONE - Please Save Our Orangutans ...