Give your Dad the "warm and fuzzies" this Fathers' Day

Swing onto and purchase a gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re looking to surprise your Dad with a gift this Fathers’ Day that isn’t the proverbial sock, tie and T-shirt combo, why not give him a gift that truly keeps on giving by adopting an orphaned baby orangutan from Borneo Orangutan Survival.

  As orangutan babies stay with their Mums in the wild for up to eight years, the learning curve for orphaned baby orangutans is steep. With your help, by adopting one of BOS’s orphaned orangutans for your Dad or Grandad, you can ensure that these little creatures are being cared for around the clock by dedicated “nannies” who work with them over a period of years to teach them everything they need to know for when it’s time to release them back into the wild.

You can Adopt-an-Orangutan for your Dad from as little as $12 per month. ($120 per year as a one off payment). Dad will receive an adoption certificate with information about his adoptive orangutan’s story, as well as updates throughout the year on his/her progress at the sanctuary.

You can also choose to send a virtual gift certificate to your Dad or Grandad including:

•    $25 to sponsor a wheelbarrow – used to transport the heavy youngsters around the sanctuary
•    $35 to provide behavioural enrichment for an orphaned orangutan
•    $50 to feed a baby orangutan for 2 months
•    $100 to provide vet treatment to a sick orangutan orphan.

So if you’re looking for a gift to really give your Dad the “warm and fuzzies” this Father’s Day, while helping to save our orangutan cousins from extinction, swing onto
All certificates and adoptions are tax deductible.