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Helping you buy responsibly - Palm oil free and CSPO products

How do I know if a product contains palm oil?

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand allows palm oil to be labelled simply as “vegetable oil” and indeed its presence can be even less visible as many of the more minor components of a product - colourings, flavourings, emulsifiers and humectants – are commonly palm oil derived. A quick test - if the saturated fat content is around 50% the likelihood of the vegetable oil being palm is high.

In cosmetics, palm oil is labelled Elaeis guineensis but as with the food industry, its presence is often less obvious. Any ingredient which includes the word “palm” (palmitate, palmitoyl or simply palm) will include palm oil. Other ingredients which commonly but not always use palm oil include cetyl alcohol, isopropyl, sodium lauryl sulphate, steareths, fatty alcohol sulphates, glycerine, cocoa butter equivalent and cocoa butter substitute.

The Guardian's Story of Palm Oil provides an informative and interactive description of where palm oil may be found and its impact on orangutan habitat.

How do I make an informed choice?

BOS Australia has put together a list of products which manufacturers tell us are palm oil free or contain segregated certified sustainable palm oil. We have targeted those food categories which are particularly suspect – biscuits, processed foods, chocolates, snacks etc – as well as personal care items.  

Some comments to consider when reviewing the lists:

* The list is not all inclusive and there may well be other products in the categories covered which are palm oil free – if you know of any, please send details through to us at

* Where labelling is not definitive, we have attempted to confirm the information in this list through letters from our supporters to the manufacturers.

* The list is not an official accreditation of suppliers' claims as we do not conduct independent product testing. There are heavy penalties for making false claims on packaging so when a supplier claims "No Palm Oil" we take that as an honest and informed claim.

* Nearly all Australian manufacturers contacted informed us that where products did contain palm oil, it was from sustainable sources. Membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( alone is not a sufficient guarantee of sustainability. RSPO certification is a more demanding standard but we are yet to uncover many Australia producers sourcing certified sustainable palm oil.

* Product specifications can change – please advise us if you suspect palm oil to be in any of the products on our list.

* The list is based on specification for products sold in Australia. International brands may have different specifications in different countries - for example Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate in the UK does contain palm oil.

* The list is based on a product by product basis rather than at company level. Many of the companies listed manufacture other products that do contain palm oil.

If we haven't covered the category you're interested in, Auckland Zoo's shopping guide may provide a starting point. There are many familiar brand and product names although you should check the label in case formulations are different between the two countries.

Palm Oil Free & CSPO Products



Manufacturer   Brand Product
Aldi Stores   Choceur, Just Organics Chocolate blocks
       " Moser-Roth Choclate bars
Cadbury's   Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate blocks - Dairy Milk, Old Gold, Dream
Cadbury's Green & Black's Chocolate blocks (except Butterscotch; Raisin & Hazelnut)
Chocolate Mill Chocolate Mill Chocolate blocks, bars and filled chocolates.
Chokolit   Chokolit   Chocolate blocks*
Divine Chocolate
Chocolate blocks and bars. Stockists can be found via
Haigh's Chocolates     Haigh's All chocolate products
Koko Black   Koko Black Chocolate products
Lighthouse Ventures Scarborough Fair Trade Chocolate blocks
Lindt   & Sprungli Lindt Excellence; Lindt Creation Chocolate blocks (Note that filled products such as Lindor do contain palm oil) 
Melrose Health Kaoka Organic chocolate range
Nestle   Nestle
Club Chocolate blocks palm oil free; Other Nestle chocolate bars and blocks, Allens lollies containing chocolate (Fantales, Freckles, Jaffas) and Nestle and Plaistowe cooking chocolate manufactured in Australia use segregated CSPO
Organic Trader Pty Ltd Cocolo Chocolate blocks
Plamil Plamil Premium Organic Chocolate blocks
Robern Menz
Products using CSPO: Honeycomb, Choccy Snakes, Choccy Froggies, Choccy Milk Bottles, Choccy Bananas
Sweet William   Sweet William Chocolate blocks and bars (Note that cooking chocolate chips and spread do contain palm oil)
Vitality Brands
Well, Naturally
Chocolate bars. Cherry Delight flavour contains CSPO mass balance palm oil
Drinking chocolate & other beverages
Wesfarmers Ltd  Coles
Products using CSPO: Chocolate share packs - Light & Whippy, Caramel Mighty, Nutty Nougat, Crunchy Caramel Stix, Wafer Breaks;
Wesfarmers Ltd
Smart Buy
Products using CSPO: Choc Honeycomb and Cooking Chocolate blocks
Whittaker's      Whittaker's All chocolate products

* Unfortunately Chokolit is only available in the UK at this stage but this is a truly inspirational story. Louis, who founded the company at the age of 12, asked to be included on our list to show that someone is trying to make a change in the UK too. Chokolit directly supports various animal conservation groups including the Sumatran Orangutan Society. To read more about the company, visit

Dry biscuits

Manufacturer   Brand Product
ABE'S Real Food Company ABE'S Bagel crisps
Aldi Stores Damora Hi Fibre 97% fat free crispbread; 98% fat free crispbread; Rice crackers; Vitagrain; Thin rice cakes; Thin rice and corn cakes
   "  Specially Selected Twists
Campbell Soup Company Arnotts Australian products use 100% segregated, certified sustainable & traceable palm oil
Coreco Fine Foods Biofood Organic Melba Toast
Crispbic Australia   Crispbic Flatbics
Delba Cocktail Rounds Pumpernickel bread
George Weston Foods Ryvita Crispbread
Griffins Foods  Ltd Huntley & Palmer Quartets, Litebread, Wafer thins
Hampden Trading Pty Ltd   Artisse Organic original rice crackers
Manassen Foods Australia Burns & Ricker (Nonni's) Bagel crisps; Pita crisps
             "   Carr's Melts Wheaten biscuits (Cheese flavour)
             " Kavli Crispbread


Kurrajong Kitchens Lavosh crackerbread
             " Van der Meulen Melba toast
National Foods (NZ) Ltd  South Cape Crispbread
Pepsico Sakata Rice crackers
Real Foods Corn Thins Corn cakes
Ricegrowers Ltd SunRice Rice cakes; Corn cakes
Riviana Foods Always Fresh Grissini Italian breadsticks; Crustini bruschetta toasts; Wafer crispbread
Roccas Fine Foods   RoccasDeli Mini Flatbreads; Baker chips; Gourmet crackers
Snowy Mountain Cookies   Snowy Mountain Cookies All savoury flavours (
Trentham Tucker   Trentham Tucker Lavosh poppy & sesame seed crispbread
Tucker's Natural Tucker's   Gourmet crackers; Multifibre snacks
Vita Vigor Vita Vigor Grissini breadsticks, Happy Vi
Waterwheel Industries Waterthins Bagelettes; Cheese twists; Fine wafers; Flatbread crackers; Savoury straws
Woolworths Ltd
Multigrain wheat crispbread; Sea salt crackers; Brown rice crackers (sea salt)

 Snack Foods

Manufacturer Brand Product
Aldi Stores   Blackstone Potato chips
C.A.L. Marketing Pty Snappy Soy crisps
Partner Foods Chic Nuts   Chickpea snacks (lightly salted; spicy tomato)
Potatomagic Pty Ltd   Sultry Sally Potato chips (sea salt; cheese & onion) 
R W Garcia
R W Garcia
Organic corn tortilla chips (white, soy & flaxseed, blue corn, spicy)
Simply 7 Snacks
Simply 7
Lentil chips Sea Salt
Smiths Snackfood Co Red Rock Deli Potato chips with sea salt
Smiths Chips
All potato chips
SnackBrands Australia Kettle Original salted kettle chips (other variants have small quantities of palm oil derivatives in flavouring); Sweet potato, beetroot and white potato vegetable chips 
Popped (original, salted)
Tixana Pty Ltd Piranha Golden hash potato grills
Unisnack Pitos Pita chips
Vege Chip Company Ajitas Vege chips
Wesfarmers Ltd
Products using CSPO: Simply Gluten Free corn chips, ancient grain chips, mixed root vegetable chips
Woolworths Ltd   Select Light potato chips; Oven baked pretzel twists; Deli-style sea salt chips
         " Macro Gluten free Original potato chips
Zed Snack Food Dip Stix Soy snack sticks

Sweet Biscuits

Manufacturer Brand Product
Addiction Food
Addiction Food
Brownies, bars and balls. For stockists (NSW only)
Aldi Stores Parkwood Butter shortbread
Botany International Foods   Jules Destrooper Almond Thins
Campbell Soup Co Arnotts Australian products use 100% segregated, certified sustainable and traceable palm oil
Eastern Pacific Foods Borland's Plain macadamia shortbread
Farmhouse Pantry Farmhouse Pantry All biscuits (
Gateaux Bonne Maman Bonne Maman Butter cookies; Tartlets (lemon & raspberry)
Goodman Fielder Paradise Cottage Cookies Vive Lites
Hampden Trading Pty Ltd   Artisse Dark chocolate crepes*
Ital Ital Almond toscani
Kez's Kitchen Kez's Indulgences Almond/apricot/date bread; Melting moments
LU Le Petit Ecolier Butter biscuit
Manassen Foods Australia Walkers Shortbread biscuits; Wheat'n'Oat organic biscuits
Snowy Mountain Cookies Snowy Mountain Cookies All cookie flavours (
The Old Colonial Cookie Co Butterfingers Pure butter shortbread
Unibic Unibic Aniseed cake; Biscotti; Savoiardi sponge fingers; Shortbread fingers
      " Weightwatchers Butternut cookies; Raspberry tartlets

* Dark chocolate crepes contain no palm oil. Hampden Trading Pty Ltd has confirmed that any palm oil used in its other Artisse products is sourced from environmentally sustainable palm plantations in South America. 

Arnotts (Australia and NZ) is targeting the use of 100% certified sustainable palm oil, if available, by 2015 and claims to be shifting around 20% of supply each year towards this.

Frozen meals & fish

Nestle (Lean Cuisine, Maggi) has indicated that palm oil is not an ingredient in the majority of its frozen meals but has not been able to be more specific. We've put together a list of those products which don't have vegetable oil listed as an ingredient - not a guarantee but the best we can do with the information we have.

Manufacturer Brand Product
HJ Heinz Australia   Weightwatchers Thai chicken yellow curry; Beef burgundy; Beef cannelloni; Vegetable lasagne; Chicken fettucine; Chicken pesto spaghettini; Satay chicken; Seafood risotto; Thai fish fillets; Chicken penne; Sweet & sour chicken
Nestle Australia Lean Cuisine Satay beef with rice; Creamy dill & salmon pasta; Vegetable cannelloni; Pumpkin, spinach & ricotta lasagne; Lean beef lasagne; Satay chicken noodles; Beef with vegetables in cracked pepper sauce; Indian style butter chicken; Beef in red wine sauce with garlic mash; Chicken & vegetable risotto; Honey mustard chicken with rice; Thai prawn curry with rice
          " Maggi

Mediterranean Goodness Beef lasagne; Macaroni cheese
World Flavours Caribbean mango prawns with rice and corn

Vegie Delights
Chilled and Frozen vegetarian range
Select Brands Pty Ltd Michelina's Beef ravioli
Simplot Australia Birds Eye All frozen fish products

Frozen snacks / pies / pizzas / pastry

Nearly all frozen pastry contains palm oil as it is made using margarine or vegetable oil. However we have found a chilled filo pastry and a limited number of other puff and shortcrust pastry products that contain no palm oil and are listed below.

Most pizza products we looked at contained vegetable oil and in many cases E471 as an emulsifier.  McCain has responded that palm oil is not used in the preparation of its pizzas so we assume that the vegetable oil listed as an ingredient in its products is not palm oil.

Steggles has informed us that it uses cottonseed and canola as its frying and general food oil. While not specified in its formulations, Steggles advises that its suppliers may use emulsifiers including E471 at very low levels which don’t require labelling.

Manufacturer Brand Product
Bartter Steggles Steggles Tempura style nuggets; Dinosnack shapes
Borgcraft Pty Ltd Borgs Butter puff pastry
C&M Antoniou Pty Ltd   Antoniou   Chilled fillo pastry
Careme Careme   All pastries. For stockists click here 
Goodman Fielder   Pampas Butter puff pastry
Kylie (Australia) Pty Ltd Pacific West Seafood dumplings & vege buns; Prawn Hargow & spinach dumplings; Prawn Shao Mai & mushroom dumplings
Makmur Enterprises Golden Wok Dim sims
Marathon Foods Marathon Dim sim range; Beef & chicken bites; Spring roll range
Wesfarmers Ltd You'll Love Coles Mini dim sims

Frozen chips & wedges 

Manufacturer Brand Product
McCain Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd McCain All fry range other than Superfries shoestring
Simplot Australia Birds Eye Golden crunch chips & wedges; Hash browns & potato gems; Oven bake chips & wedges; Oven roast potatoes
Weightwatchers International Weightwatchers Oven chips; Crunchy oven wedges

Margarines, spreads & peanut butter

Goodman Fielder and Unilever, the two major producers of spreads in Australia, have confirmed that all their spreads contain a percentage of palm oil. Fonterra has also confirmed that its Western Star spread range may contain palm oil.

Nuttelex's main ingredient is sunflower oil but it does also contain a small amount of palm oil. Similarly, Alfa rice bran spread uses rice bran oil but the emulsifier contains palm oil as a carrier.

Some peanut butters appear to contain palm oil. Apparently the peanut oil is extracted to sell separately and replaced in the peanut butter by cheaper palm oil. We have however confirmed that the Sanitarium range of products uses rapeseed oil or 100% peanuts as does Ceres Organic and Melrose Health spreads.

 So, it's back to butter or the following products which we believe are palm oil free:

Manufacturer Brand Product
Honey & peanut butter
Arla Foods Harmonie, Lurpak  Organic spreadable & spreadable butter 
Ceres Enterprises Ltd Ceres Organic Organic Peanut butter (Crunchy & Smooth), Almond Butter
Devondale Devondale Dairy soft & Dairy soft salt reduced
Fonterra Mainland    Butter Soft
Hansells Food Group Alfa One Rice Bran Oil Spread
Original Super spread
Nut butter
Melrose Health Melrose Naturals 100% Cashew; 100% Almond; Hazelnut; Almond, Brazil & Cashew
        "   Melrose Nut spreads
        " Melrose Omega Care Table spreads
Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter
Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter
Peanut butter. Click here for Australian stockists
Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter Company
Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter. Click here for Australian stockists
All peanut butters & marmite
Nuttelex with Coconut Oil
Table spread
Trialia Foods
Eskal Freenut Butter
Smooth and crunchy peanut butter

Instant noodles 

Manufacturer Brand Product
Clahym Just Egg Noodles Instant noodles


Manufacturer Brand Product
Be Natural Cereals Be Natural Five whole grain flakes range
Carman's Fine Foods Carman's All muesli products and rolled oats
Green's General Foods Lowan Muesli range
Health Brands Australia Abundant Earth Organic bircher muesli; puffed rice, corn, millet, kamut
Kelloggs   Kelloggs All Bran; Coco pops; Crispix; Crunchy Nut (except Clusters); Frosties; Guardian; Nutri-Grain; Rice Bubbles; Special K; Sultana Bran (except Crunch); Sustain
Nestle Uncle Tobys All Uncle Tobys' cereals
Popina Food Services   Arnold's Farm   Toasted Muesli
All cereals (Weetbix, Crunchy Bites, Granola Oat Clusters, Skippy Cornflakes, Honey Weets, Puffed Wheat, LIght 'n Tasty, Up & Go)
Table of Plenty Table of Plenty Muesli (velvety vanilla, honey spiced)
Dried Fruit

Manufacturer   Brand Product
Angas Park Angas Park All dried fruit except dates
Fruit for Life Fruit for Life All products
Mother Earth Mother Earth Deluxe mix - superfruits, cranberry
Ocean Spray Ocean Spray Craisins
Pudding Lady
Pudding Lady
Christmas Puddings
Scalzo Food Industries Freshlife All dried fruit products and banana chips
Natural sultanas
Sunsweet Sunsweet Prunes, dried mango
Wesfarmers Coles Pitted dates, pitted prunes, mixed dried fruit, sultanas, currants
    " Coles Smart Buy Mixed dried fruit

 Ice Cream

Manufacturer Brand Product
Golden North Ice Cream Golden North Ice Cream Ice cream - available mainly in South Australia
So Good Frozen Dessert
Soy based ice cream alternative

Baby Formula

Heinz has reformulated its range of infant formulas (Heinz Nuture Gold Starter, Starter, Gold Follow-on, Follow-on), removing palm oil from these products.

Retailer Housebrands

Woolworths Ltd released a Sustainable Palm Oil Action Plan in March 2010 whereby the company commits to moving to certified sustainable palm oil from RSPO members by 2015 for all Woolworths private label products (Select and Homebrand). It has also committed to on-pack labelling of palm oil and derivatives for all these products (where oil is a listed ingredient ie excludes trace oils potentially present in emulsifiers etc).  A list of Woolworths own brand products produced with CSPO can be found on its website

Coles lists its private brand products which are either palm oil free or contain certified sustainable palm oil on its website. It has begun purchasing GreenPalm certificates to offset its palm oil use and has committed to move to CSPO in all Coles branded products by 2015. Coles is an RSPO member.

Non-food products

Finding soap without palm oil in supermarkets is difficult. However, we have been alerted to a number of online suppliers who produce a palm oil free product.

Please note that a number of brands previously listed have been removed from the list following information received from an industry participant and subsequent inquiries by Palm Oil Investigations. We had previously assumed that various coco- derivatives (eg coco-betaine) were purely coconut based but it appears that these too may contain a palm oil base. We understand that this may also apply to oleo- derivatives.

Soaps / shampoos / beauty products / toiletries

Manufacturer Product Website / Retail outlets
Adorius Includes a range of palm oil free soap  
Adorn Cosmetics Skincare, cosmetics, lipstick
Alchemist's Grove Soap
Alex's Handcrafted Soaps   Soap, shampoo bars, bath products
Aromatic Essentials
Soaps and creams, dog soap
Australian Biologika
Skin & hair care (all products other than soap bars)
Bar Soap Soaps (biscuit latte, lavender, charcoal  irish stout, champagne & roses)**
Beauty & the Bees Soaps, moisturisers, cleansers
Various palm oil free skin care products
Bubbylon Soaps and skincare, dog soap
Buddha Body Care
Skin care
Cherry Brown
Lipcare, makeup, eyeshadow
Chikii Chikii ambrosial soap, chikii cosmetics
Clean Conscience Liquid soap
Daylesford Soap Company
Dindi Naturals Soaps
Divine Ewe   Soaps, bath milk, facial yoghurt
EnviroCare Personal care - check labels for palm oil free range
Escents Handmade Soap
Body care & cosmetics
Fresh Cut Soap Co   Orange Peppermint and lemon lavender goatsmilk soap 
Gaia Skin Naturals Australia
Gaia baby wipes
Glow Skincare
Face creams, moisturisers and soaps
Gunbower Creek Olives Olieve soaps, body butter, lip balm, salt scrub
INDAH Body care products including lip balms, body bars & body butter For stockists click here
Palm oil free skincare products including moisturisers
Juice Balm
Lip balms
Loa Skin Care
Remedy oil
Maclyn Grove Soaps, shampoos, dog shampoo
Miessence Skin, body & hair care, toothpaste
Miimaa Cosmetics
Mineral makeup

Mokosh Soaps, moisturisers
Mountain Minerals Makeup
Makeup and skincare
Natural Aroma Handmade Soaps
Natures Organics
Skincare and haircare
Products contain palm oil. Supplier claims this is from accredited Malaysian supplier but no details available.
Nurture with Nature   Soaps
Olieve & Olie
Skin creams, soaps & washes, shaving gel
Olive Oil Skin Care Company   Olive oil soaps   available at and 
Organic Formulations   Riddells Creek toothpaste From selected health food stores / online shops
Peace of Soap   Soaps
Country Life Soap Bars
Perse Soaps, shampoos, skincare products excluding Organic Baby Nappy Cream
Pompadour   Soaps (& candles)
Pure and Green Organics Cleansing bars, exfoliating scrub, cleanser, serum, toothpaste
Pure Scents Goat's milk soap
Rhasdala   Soaps
Sally's Soap Shoppe Soaps
Skincare range
Sassy Soap Soaps
Scentsational Handmade Soaps Soaps
Scrumpy Soap Co
Soaps by Jules Soaps (citrus & spice, goatsmilk & honey, lavendar & lime, loofah, olive oil, rose geranium, sweet orange & calendula, ylang ylang
Soapy Madness
Suds and Wix
Soaps and candles
For stockists:
T&L Au Naturel
Bath and body products
Urthly OrganicsSoap, deodorant, toothpaste, bath bombs and bath milk
Wesfarmers   Coles soap bars Coles stores

* shampoos and conditioners free of glycerine include green tea clarifying shampoo, white camellia ultra-smoothing conditioner, honeysuckle rose moisturising conditioner, swimmer's normalising conditioner, GPB glycogen protein balancing shampoo and conditioner, primrose & lavender scalp-soothing shampoo, rosa mosqueta nourishing conditioner and shampoo, white camellia ultra-smoothing conditioner, blue camomile hydrating shampoo. 

** based in UK but will ship to Australia

Laundry & Kitchen Products

Manufacturer Brand Product
Austech Products Orange Power Cleaners and laundry products available in most major and independent retailers. Visit for more information.
Aware Environmental Aware Range of laundry powders and liquids available in most major supermarkets. Visit for more information.
Bio+Green Crystals Bio+Green Crystals Kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners at
Clean Conscience   Clean Conscience  Laundry powder, kitchen and bathroom products at  
Home cleaning range at
Envirocare EnviroClean Check labels for new palm oil free range. For stockists, click here
Clean Conscience & Laundry Soap Nuts
Laundry, kitchen and bathroom products at
Herbon Herbon Kitchen and laundry products (except pure ground soap)
KES Environmental Services Sindhiya; N'Viro Soap nuts and colloidal cleaning products at
Kin Kin naturals      Kin Kin Naturals Kitchen and laundry products. For stockists click here.
Lightning Products
Laundry products. For stockists click here
Miessence   MiEnviron, BioPure Household cleaners at
Laundry Ball at
Natures Organics
Earth Choice
Cleaning products. Products contain palm oil. Supplier claims this is from accredited Malaysian supplier but no details available.
Nature's Quest Nature's Quest Household cleaners at