Message from BOS Foundation

BOS Foundation: December 2014

Dear Partners and Friends

Over the past six months or so our teams have been busy evaluating our orangutans’ progress, carrying capacity, conditions at our release sites and future planning for our reintroduction programs in both Central and East Kalimantan. Following this process we are now ready to recommence reintroductions and are hoping to secure helicopters for a Central Kalimantan release in February 2015 and again in April 2015; and also in April 2015 for East Kalimantan. Helicopter availability is really the main factor determining dates so we will keep you updated.

With regards to the situation we experienced in Central Kalimantan related to two suspicious deaths, following intensive SPORC (Forest Police) and BKSDA patrols, which continue on a monthly basis, it appears that outsiders were responsible for these deaths although they are unable to determine the individual culprits. Our intensive joint patrols with the government authorities continue and will do so for the coming year. Combined with our increased Community Development activities, we have maintained and strengthened the support of the local communities for our reintroduction efforts and long-term orangutan conservation in this area.

In East Kalimantan, our current release points in KJ7 around Camp Lesik are now at carrying capacity hence we are preparing for new release points in the southern part of KJ7. This means new infrastructure to support the reintroductions and access, and also to enable us to monitor the orangutans post-release which is of course critical. We will keep you updated over the next month or so with all current planning.

With best wishes from all at BOS Foundation.

BOS Foundation are delighted to share this recent short film they recently released on their social media so you can see how your valuable support is used by the BOS Foundation to rescue, rehabilitate, reintroduce and conserve orangutans in Borneo.

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