Primate-Change Dateline feature

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Folliowing the broadcast of this story on the BBC's Panorama, palm oil manufacturer Duta Palma issued the following statement...

We are a group of palm oil plantation companies that has been established and operated since 1987 under Indonesian laws. We have at all times tried to obey/comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Duta Palma and its subsidiaries have already obtained all required authorisations for a plantation company.

To date, we have not received any complaints or reminders from the authorities relating to the above authorisation, as we are to believe that we have complied with all such applicable regulations.

As a palm oil plantation company, may we confirm that we have never done such illegal logging as meant by BBC. If there is the activity of cutting trees, which have economic value, it can be confirmed that such was done by another party or even possibly by local people beyond our control. Duta Palma and its subsidiaries have never done an illegal act or business.

For your information, previously the land was owned by several companies before we acquired it, the purpose of the land is as a plantation but they didn't do it properly. By the time we opened the oil palm plantation there was no forest any more, therefore, no more High Conservation Value Forest in that area.

We realise that the structure and condition of land in Kalimantan, some of them are peat lands, but we would never opened palm oil plantation on peat land with 3 meters depth, since it is not feasible to be planted and economically damaging to us. The plantation land that we have opened is on the peat land with average only 0.5 - 1 meters depth.