#SupportLittleRURU SMS

RURU is really looking forward to starting her new life but needs your support.

SMS RURU to 0467 000 273 to donate $5 (just like buying a cup of coffee but you can help save a life)

RURU needs our love and support NOW and the money we raise for RURU today will prepare her for a return to the wild. We really need the funds for RURU and so we’re asking you to donate $5 – a small amount from everyone today will go a long way to help RURU

$500 will give RURU her kindergarten education

$1000 will give RURU the skills she needs to go back to the wild

$2000 will make sure RURU is safely transferred back to the forest where she belongs

All you need to do is SMS RURU to 0467 000 273 and wait for the prompts. It’s super easy to do and everyone can do it.

Thanks for your support.