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Your guide to an orangutan friendly Easter
(11 March 2016)

Ecotourism doesn’t always help orangutans but may benefit other endangered animals
(19 February 2016)

Indonesian forest fires: forget the orangutans, is this the tipping point for climate change
(5 November 2015)

World’s largest ecological study aims to make palm oil wildlife-friendly
(12 October 2015)

Orangutan’s horrific death underscores need for brands to use certified palm oil
(12 December 2014)

Palm oil continues to destroy Indonesia’s wildlife
(12 November 2014)

Endangered orangutans gain from eco-friendly shifts in palm oil market
(9 October 2014)

Palm oil giants announce deforestation moratorium — effective immediately
(20 September 2014)

Cleaning up deforestation from palm oil needs more than greenwash
(6 June 2014)

Don’t Palm Us Off – Easter 2014
(4 April 2014)

An orangutan with a message for you
(21 September 2013)

Certifying destruction
(5 September 2013)

Is protecting rainforests the best way to rapidly tackle climate change
(3 September 2013)

Indonesia burns again
(8 July 2013)

Orangutans – victims of ‘sustainable’ palm oil in Indonesia
(18 April 2013)

Not much protected and no commitment to restoration in APP forest promises
(3 April 2013)

What is palm oil and why the controversy?
(26 March 2013)

The REDD contradiction: Deforestation and oil palm plantations in the Congo Basin
(28 February 2013)

Is there a future for the Bornean orangutan?
(18 January 2013)

East Kalimantan to halt issuance of palm oil permits
(15 January 2013)

Logging concession areas: Good for orangutans and forest conservation, says study
(15 January 2013)

LJMU conservation scientist leads new orangutan research
(12 November 2012)

Switch to sustainable palm oil just a matter of time, industry figures say
(2 November 2012)

UK to lead way with sustainable palm oil
(30 October 2012)

Stanford researchers show oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
(7 October 2012)

New roles for drones – wildlife, eco conservation
(19 August 2012)

Campaign cuts Norway’s palm oil consumption 64%
(25 July 2012)

Deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia 2000 – 2010
(23 July 2012)

Scientists propose a new way forward on orangutan conservation
(16 July 2012)

Indonesia leading the way in KFC’s response to deforestation
(10 July 2012)

Greenpeace report links Indian companies to rainforest destruction in Indonesia
(20 June 2012)

Deforestation-based policy ‘no longer tenable’ says Indonesian President
(17 June 2012)

Indonesia’s forests of corruption
(10 June 2012)

Multinationals vow to boycott APP after outcry over illegal logging
(2 April 2012)

Busting the forest myths: People as part of the solution
(16 February 2012)

Can the jungle law save orangutans?
(7 February 2012)

“Don’t hurt my baby”
(27 January 2012)

RSPO to certify 20% of palm oil output by 2015
(18 January 2012)

Plight of orangutans highlighted in new rock song
(17 January 2012)

Maria Agatha van Noordwijk: Delving deeper into orangutan conservation
(4 January 2012)

Palm oil threat to Indonesia’s orangutans
(27 December 2011)

Don’t trust the web
(25 December 2011)

Will sustainable palm oil transform the market
(30 November 2011)

Singapore chef tries new way to save rain forest
(28 November 2011)

Palm oil survey reveals saints and sinners in Aussie companies
(22 November 2011)

Exterminators arrested for orangutan killings
(21 November 2011)

Indonesian police finally act in alleged orangutan torture, killing cases
(16 November 2011)

RSPO names Saragih new advisor
(14 November 2011)

Will orangutans become extinct before the conservation community gets its game on?
(9 November 2011)

Residents object to orangutan survey
(8 November 2011)

Deforestation campaigning led to my deportation from Indonesia
(24 October 2011)

The future of Indonesian forests
(28 September 2011)

Indonesia’s leader to protect forests
(27 September 2011)

In Kalimantan, hard at work reversing the damage to peat forests
(21 September 2011)

Indonesia to launch REDD+ agency to tackle deforestation
(13 September 2011)

Indonesia boosts staffing of forest protection agency
(13 September 2011)

Activists call for halt in orangutan skull trade
(7 September 2011)

We have a right to know what’s in our food
(26 August 2011)

Officeworks cuts ties with papermaker
(24 August 2011)

A battle is underway for the forests of Borneo
(21 August 2011)

Fearing a planet without apes
(20 August 2011)

Rainforest fibres found in chain’s office paper
(20 August 2011)

How Indonesia crippled its own climate scheme
(16 August 2011)

Zoos join fight to save endangered orangutans
(3 August 2011)

Don’t ignore REDD’s impact on communities
(3 August 2011)

Australia wants oil palm growers to adopt sustainable practices
(30 July 2011)

15 million hectares of forest destroyed from 2000 to 2009: FWI
(27 July 2011)

Forests absorb a third of fossil fuel carbon emissions
(15 July 2011)

Palm oil plan aimed at saving orangutans
(22 June 2011)

Indonesian forest people condemn climate scheme
(22 June 2011)

Palm oil labeling bill fails to pass in Australia
(17 June 2011)

A moratorium or more of the same?
(15 June 2011)

Bills would force GM, palm oil labelling
(15 June 2011)

Indonesia imposes forest cutting ban for 2 years
(20 May 2011)

Green groups, analysts slam Indonesia’s logging ban
(20 May 2011)

Big donor Norway welcomes Indonesia forest plan
(20 May 2011)

Will Indonesia lose the next oil palm?
(16 May 2011)

Palm oil diplomacy
(5 May 2011)

Is Indonesia’s program to stop deforestation in meltdown
(25 April 2011)

Malaysian palm oil lobby fires at Xenophon
(18 April 2011)

Election cycle linked to deforestation rate in Indonesia
(14 April 2011)

Sustainable palm oil group suspends IOI
(6 April 2011)

Japan disaster to put logging pressure on rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia
(5 April 2011)

The Thinker: the green graft
(29 March 2011)

Palm Oil Plantations equal deforestation
(7 March 2011)

Captive orangutans in Indonesia may be freed
(6 March 2011)

The threat of Indonesia’s palm oil rush
(4 March 2011)

Price-fix fine for paper company
(1 March 2011)

Environmentalists welcome Sinar Mas rainforest pledge
(21 February 2011)

Environmentalists say moratorium on forest conversion an empty promise
(21 February 2011)

SBY to sign moratorium this month
(21 February 2011)

Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon
(11 February 2011)

New figures: palm oil destroying Malaysia’s peatswamp forests faster than ever
(7 February 2011)

Indonesian plantation firms urged to expand
(5 February 2011)

Indonesia makes startling admission on forests
(2 February 2011)

Greening the world with palm oil
(27 January 2011)

Does chopping down rainforests for pulp and paper help alleviate poverty in Indonesia
(25 January 2011)

Business interests blamed for forest moratorium delay
(14 January 2011)

Converting palm oil companies from forest destroyers into forest protectors
(5 January 2011)

Saving the jungle giant
(13 December 2010)

Australia takes strong action against illegal timber imports
(12 December 2010)

Indonesia’s billion dollar climate experiment
(8 December 2010)

Norway climate deal to drive Indonesia reform
(25 November 2010)

Indonesia eyeing $1b climate deal to cut down forests, says Greenpeace
(24 November 2010)

Palm oil ‘will be phased out’
(22 November 2010)

The fine print on forest protection
(19 November 2010)

Dutch to use only certified palm oil by 2015
(9 November 2010)

Tree huggers and loggers of the world, unite
(1 November 2010)

Businesses Warm to Indonesia’s Moratorium on Forest Clearing
(22 Oct 2010)

Indonesia’s neighbours face worst haze in years
(22 Oct 2010)

Civil society coalition pushes government to finally halt logging permits
(18 October 2010)

Greenpeace: Palm oil campaign not effort at sabotage
(18 October 2010)

Sinar Mas to create protected peatlands
(5 October 2010)

Indonesia’s climate experiment
(1 October 2010)

Orangutans can survive in timber plantations, selectively logged forests
(28 September 2010)

Indonesia’s Sinar Mas censured by palm oil watchdog
(25 September 2010)

KPK: Corruption jeopardises lucrative climate-change deals
(20 September 2010)

Forest groups call on Oz to ban illegal timber import
(28 August 2010)

Indonesia may let palm oil growers collect CO2 credits
(20 August 2010)

Govt to set aside 30 million ha for rare species
(12 August 2010)

Activists, businesses work to save the orangutan
(15 July 2010)

Companies coy over palm oil use
(21 June 2010)

Australia urged to ban illegal timber imports
(28 May 2010)

Indonesia pledges two-year deforestation moratorium
(27 May 2010)

Indonesia to honour palm oil contracts, despite forest protection
(27 May 2010)

Indonesia, Norway agree to reduce deforestation
(26 May 2010)

Save the orangutans, save the world
(19 May 2010)

Nestle gives orangutans a break
(17 May 2010)

“Wildlife friendly” oil plantations are not
(2 May 2010)

Palm oil producers to meet to discuss deforestation charges
(28 April 2010)

Primate Change – Dateline SBS TV Feature
(25 April 2010)

Supermarkets under fire over destruction of orangutan habitats
(1 April 2010)

Why we are failing orangutans
(10 March 2010)

Environmentally-friendly biofuels cause more harm
(2 March 2010)

Unilever drops major palm-oil producer
(22 February 2010)

Palm oil plantations now ‘forests,’ says EU
(5 February 2010)

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