Yayang and Sayang are finally ready to go home.

Yayang and Sayang are finally ready to go home. Will you set them free?

Imagine being brutally taken from your home, having a rope tightly wrapped around your neck; kept in a squalid, small cage and living a life in fear without  any possibility to escape.

Starving, frightened and wounded orangutans are stranded throughout Borneo, often found alone and disorientated on desolate and degraded land; beside the dead body of their mothers or kept in cages as pets.

They are the voiceless victims of mining, land-clearing and development of commercial palm oil plantations – all circumstances sadly driven by insatiable consumer demand.

In 2004 BOSF (BOS Foundation Indonesia)  confiscated Yayang – a young female orangutan from her captor; a resident living in the small city province of Banjar Baru in South Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo where she was illegally kept as a pet.

Yayang arrived at Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre at around seven years of age, bearing the marks of an orangutan that had suffered great cruelty. Unlike others less fortunate than herself, Yayang survived and was returned to good health.

In April 2009, Yayang gave birth to her first child, Sayang, on Kaja Island; BOSF’s pre-release island. Today, the fifteen year old female orangutan with the endearingly slanted eyes weighs 37 kg and is an active and inquisitive inhabitant of Kaja Island. Her daughter, now 4 years old, is a healthy 9 kilograms and has already started to forage for her own food; no longer constantly clinging to her mother.

It’s time for us to return Yayang and Sayang to the forest but we need your help.

After nine years of living and learning at Nyaru Menteng, Yayang has finally been provided with the tools to thrive in the wild jungle of Kalimantan alongside her daughter.

Yayang and Sayang are ready to return to the wild but we have encountered one last unexpected challenge. DNA testing- the final check in the release programme- recently confirmed that unlike other Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii orangutans of Central Kalimantan, Yayang and Sayang are Pongo pygmaeus morio, a sub-species inhabiting the eastern part of Kalimantan.

Complying with international standards to preserve the integrity of sub-species, Yayang and Sayang must be released into their natural environment in Kehje Sewen, East Kalimantan, rather than with their fellow Nyaru Menteng inhabitants. Sadly, the cost of freedom for Yayang and Sayang is high; much higher than we budgeted for.

We need to raise more funds to send them home. If you would like to make a Paypal donation of any amount with just a few clicks you can also follow THIS link. Or donate via our website , by calling 02 9011 5455 or using the offline form below.

This endearing duo are ready to take their first steps into the wild forest. Many orangutans like Yayang and Sayang have their life in the forest ripped from beneath them, though this special mother and her child are the lucky ones that have the opportunity to return.

Support BOSF’s mission to release Yayang and Sayang in the crucial final step to freedom in eastern Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Your donation will not only help release Yayang and Sayang, but three additional orangutans. They will journey in a small chartered planes and helicopters. Following their release, they will be monitored in the forest by the BOSF team for a minimum of six months.

This environmental Armageddon has struck Borneo hard; the decimation of delicate ecosystems and biodiversity is the single biggest threat to orangutans. With each passing minute, wild orangutans are coming closer to a life without the jungle.

Yayang and Sayang have been given a special opportunity. They can’t wait to be in their forest homes.
Please donate to Yayang and Sayang and the fight for orangutan freedom. 100% of all funds raised by BOS Australia in June will be sent directly to BOSF to enable the release of Yayang and Sayang. The cost of returning the pair (and their three friends) to the wild is $50,000. Every dollar we receive gets us closer to release Yayang and Sayang, and donations are tax deductible this year for Australian residents if received before June 30, 2013. Remember we now accept PAYPAL donations.

Kind regards and much appreciation of your support,

Tony Gilding
President, Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia

How Can You Help

There are lots of ways you can support orangutans and help ensure the survival of this precious ape.

Adopt an Orangutan

Adopt an Orangutan

Orangutans are endangered and at risk of extinction. Habitat destruction results in hundreds of orphaned orangutans, who rely on our care every year. You can help by adopting one. Their dedicated ‘nannies’ teach them everything they need to know for when it’s time to release them back to the wild. You can follow their progress through Forest School.

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Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Please help the Orangutans in their struggle for survival. Your donation is important and goes directly to BOS Indonesia. By donating, you are helping bring this noble yet endangered species back from the brink of extinction and on a path to freedom - from rescue to rehabilitation and release.

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