We have not one but two beautiful opportunities for you to support our cause this festive season and spread some cheer for our amazing red cousins.

While we are celebrating each successful release, we must not forget that many more rehabilitated orangutans in our care are desperately waiting in enclosures for their release, and numerous rescued orphans are just starting their long rehabilitation process, which can take up to ten years.

But no matter where they are on their journey to freedom, we urgently need your help to ensure our orangutans receive the care they need to survive and thrive. Please check out these two unique opportunities to make a difference in the life of an orangutan this holiday season.

Many rehabilitated orangutans in our care are desperately waiting for their chance at freedom. You can help us open more cages.

Create a Christmas miracle by opening a cage for an orangutan
A release is a mammoth undertaking. It requires months of planning and preparing for the trip to the remote release sites deep in the Bornean rainforest. It is the culmination of a lengthy and challenging rehabilitation process, and it is teamwork that makes the dream come true.

You, our incredible supporters, are part of our team. Without people like you, we couldn’t release a single orangutan, as it can cost between $5000 and $10,000 to release just one. This Christmas, you can open a cage for an orangutan once again and change their life forever. We want to raise at least $50,000 to release ten more orangutans who are anxiously waiting in their enclosures for their chance at freedom.

By adopting Baimah, you will help the little orphan overcome her trauma and play a vital role in her journey towards freedom.

Create a Christmas Miracle by giving Baimah a second chance
We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed a new baby to our adoption family. Baimah still has a long way to go and urgently needs help to overcome her trauma and learn to survive without her mum.

The little female had been illegally kept as a pet for 18 months, fed only human food and dressed in children’s clothes. She was so severely overweight that she was having trouble breathing through her nose.

Once rescued, all Baimah could do was cling to a table leg and cower in fear when our veterinarian or surrogate mother tried to approach her. She even rejected the milk they offered her.

Luckily, the now three-year-old is slowly gaining trust, and her weight is returning to a healthy level. It is now a matter of waiting to see how this lovely orangutan will develop. We are already in awe of her boldness in climbing trees in forest school and her progress in socialising with other baby orangutans.

Will you become a vital part of Baimah’s journey to freedom by adopting her this Christmas? An adoption also makes a beautiful gift for family, friends and colleagues. And, if you want to spread even more cheer for orangutans this holiday, check out our new orangutan T-shirt, our 2024 orangutan calendar and many more unique presents on our Merchandise and Instant Gifts pages. You can also take it up a notch and give yourself or a loved one the adventure of a lifetime by signing up for one of our unforgettable Volunteer Trips. orangutans.com.au/shop

Whether you choose one or both opportunities or if your contribution is small or large – together, we can change an orangutan’s life this holiday!

How Can You Help

There are lots of ways you can support orangutans and help ensure the survival of this precious ape.

Adopt an Orangutan

Adopt an Orangutan

Orangutans are endangered and at risk of extinction. Habitat destruction results in hundreds of orphaned orangutans, who rely on our care every year. You can help by adopting one. Their dedicated ‘nannies’ teach them everything they need to know for when it’s time to release them back to the wild. You can follow their progress through Forest School.

Adopt Now
Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Please help the Orangutans in their struggle for survival. Your donation is important and goes directly to BOS Indonesia. By donating, you are helping bring this noble yet endangered species back from the brink of extinction and on a path to freedom - from rescue to rehabilitation and release.

Donate Now
Visit Our Shop

Visit Our Shop

The perfect gift for any occasion! Choose from our selection of instant gifts that directly support our orangutans. You can buy a wheelbarrow, provide food for an orangutan for two months or lots more. You will receive a certificate, personalised with the name of your choice - perfect gift for you or a friend.

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