This July you have the one-off chance to view the exclusive cinema screening of the documentary ‘Eyes of the Orangutan’ – a captivating exploration of the dark world of modern wildlife tourism and its impact on one of our closest living relatives: the orangutan.

We invite you to an exclusive screening of the powerful documentary ‘Eyes of the Orangutan’. The film, supported by Borneo Orangutan Survival, explores one of the most troubling facets of modern wildlife tourism and is an uplifting celebration of one of our closest relatives: the orangutan.

After the screening, Dr Jamartin Sihite, CEO of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and Lou Grossfeldt, Vice President of Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia and an internationally acclaimed primate expert and author, will host a Q&A session with the audience, along with some exciting news to share!

Award-winning environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski, film crew member and presenter of the documentary ‘Eyes of the Orangutan’, has documented human-animal conflict for over a decade. In recent years he has turned his lens on the wildlife tourism industry, a mission that has taken him to dozens of countries. But it was a trip to Vietnam that changed everything. He spent time with a large male orangutan at an amusement park in Ho Chi Minh. Kept in a 4 × 5-metre enclosure, the orangutan had little more than two boulders for stimulation, no trees to climb, and no place to escape the glare of visitors.

The scene stayed with Gekoski: If we can do this to one of our closest relatives, what hope is there for any other animal? After Vietnam, Aaron Gekoski teams up with his colleagues and friends — director Chris Scarffe, cinematographer Will Foster-Grundy and editor Damian Antochewicz — and a four-year investigation into the orangutan tourism industry begins.

On their journey, the team witnesses untold pain and suffering. But thankfully, there are groups working to mitigate this crisis. At Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, the four meet local heroes who rescue and rehabilitate rescued orangutans, ready for release back into the wild.

‘Eyes of the Orangutan’ is a story of hope set within the dark heart of the wildlife tourism industry.

If you want to help stop the suffering, please spread the word and join one of our exclusive screenings in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland. Hurry, as tickets are limited!

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Dendy Cinemas,

261-263 King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

6 PM, Wednesday 5th July 2023



Kino Cinemas,

45 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC

5.45 PM, Friday 7th July 2023



Academy Cinemas,

44 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD, New Zealand

5.30 PM, Wednesday 12th July 2023

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Adopt an Orangutan

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