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Lone Media Interviews

30th April 2014
Catch up with Lone's Media interviews during and subsequent to her March Lecture Series. Including her ABC Radio National interview with Richard Aedy.

Meet Sura…

4th December 2013
Meet just six months old, Sura was the latest victim of the scandalous Indonesian deforestation activities.

The oily truth

8 October 2013
Join environmental not-for-profit Sustainable Table and Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia at Palace Verona Cinema on Wednesday 30th October, for a screening of multi-award winning documentary Green, and to learn about the complex issue of palm oil production and how we can be part of the solution.

Petitioning Kevin Rudd

2 July 2013
Kevin Rudd is visiting Indonesia the first week of July 2013. We ask he look at the devastating effects of importing uncertified, unsustainable Palm Oil into Australia.

Celebrity Ambassador announcement

4 June 2013
Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia announces new celebrity ambassador partnerships. BOS Australia is proud to align with such passionate media personalities, in their quest to help the plight of the orangutans.

Enriching the lives of orangutans

March 2013
In February Vice President of BOS Australia, Louise Grossfeldt travelled to our Nyaru Menteng sanctuary and worked with keepers and technicians to help develop a range of enrichment strategies.

Enrichment programs are vital for captive orangutans as they teach them how to forage for food, build, modify and use tools, increase agility and develop skills to survive in the wild.

Orangutans under threat

10 August 2012
Last month, the world-first release of two endangered orangutans, rehabilitated by humans, took place in a protected Indonesian reserve with help from Australian animal welfare organisation, Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia.

Taught how to be wild

19 June 2012 The Northern Star
Tony Gilding has described the emotional moment when he witnessed the world-first release of two endangered orangutans into the wild during his recent trip to Indonesia.

If you love someone

As the financial year draws to an end we would like you to join us in a new beginning.

It’s a journey into the wilds of Borneo travelling with very special companions who share 98.5% of their DNA with you.

We are immensely proud to have achieved a major objective – providing independence for rescued and orphaned orangutans in the tranquillity and safety of their natural jungle habitat.

With your help we can achieve this journey to freedom for 10 more primates, all gloriously individual. Just like you!

The complexities behind this relocation programme are substantial. Many of these beautiful primates, like 21-year old Mama Tata and her child have spent years in our sanctuaries being cared for and rehabilitated before set free in their natural environment.

This journey for each orangutan encompasses a “ticket price” of $9,450.  So at BOS in Australia, we are determined to raise $94,500 to provide freedom for another 10 orangutans this year.

In making your plans for the closing financial year we urge you to consider the tax effective advantages as well as the very real environmental gains your donation can share with these intelligent and
serene jungle apes.

Your donation is important and goes directly to BOS Indonesia to help bring this noble yet endangered species back from the brink and on a path to freedom.

To make a donation simply click here.

Help Hercules this year

With our current appeal all proceeds from sales will be sent to our sanctuaries to care for orangutans that will never be free.

Why can’t they be free, you ask… It’s not that we don’t want them to be free, it’s just that they can’t be.

You can help by making a donation, or purchasing a gift certificate:

•    for vet care
•    for nourishing food
•    for transporting babies to and from Forest School, or
•    to make their days enriched and stimulating.                 

Donations and virtual gifts are tax deductible.

Nyaru Menteng waste project completed

Nyaru Menteng Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre now has a new wastewater treatment system that treats the dirty water from washing down orang-utan enclosures, from the clinic, from the kitchen, and from hand washing and some toilet facilities.

The new system was implemented from funding provided by BOS Australia and with the help of Nik Hyde (Nik Hyde Plumbing – Australia), Keith Bolton and Jayson Winmill (Ecoteam – Australia).

Wanted: 2-4 Eco-adventurers….


2-4  eco adventurers to visit remote jungle in  Borneo, spend 6 days travelling along impossible roads, cross raging rivers and pay a small fortune for the privilege.


See a stunningly beautiful remote and wild part of Borneo seldom seen by Indonesians let alone foreigners.

Know that your trip has helped in the first ever major release of Orangutans back to the wild.

Nyaru Menteng Waste Project Update

With the rainy season coming to an end, it allows us to start work on the Nyaru Menteng sewerage tanks and wetlands.

Dr. Keith Bolton of Ecoteam – an expert in this field and a leader of waste eco systems in Australia, is kindly donating his time and skills on this project along with a couple of Keith’s expert engineers and Lismore plumber, Nik Hyde.

These images show the initial settling/ treatment tank and the wetland.