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Don’t trust the web

25 December 2011
Solaris Paper Pty Ltd, which supplies the Australian market with private label tissue products, is an Australian operated and managed affiliate of Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), a brand umbrella for paper products manufactured by a number of mills in Indonesia. Things got nasty recently when its tussle with Greenpeace over sourcing of rainforest timber became public.

Greening the world with palm oil

27 January 2011
Palm oil, usually produced from a species of palm tree originally from West Africa, has emerged over the past 30 years as one of the world’s most widely used—and controversial—crops. Palm oil goes into a range of products available in virtually every supermarket, pharmacy, and department store.

Certifying destruction

5 September 2013
Greenpeace's recent report into deforestation in Indonesia paints a concerning picture. Over the last few years every daylight hour bulldozers destroyed the equivalent of 200 football fields of forest in Indonesia, with palm oil plantations the biggest driver.