The gift of a second chance

It’s almost Christmas, and if you are still looking for a unique gift, sit back, relax – and browse through our shop. Check out our instant gifts, adopt an orangutan, or donate directly. Every gift you... View Article

It’s a new baby!

Drum Roll, Please! We are happy to announce the 5th natural birth among released orangutans in the Kehje Sewen Forest and the 21st wild-born baby across all release sites. Female orangutan Signe, released to the forest... View Article

Update from Borneo

It has been almost nine months since the BOS Foundation closed its rehabilitation centres to visitors, volunteers, and researchers to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Throughout this uncertain time, we have remained fully committed to... View Article

How we keep our camps tiptop

If you have read stories about our Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) teams, you will know that these groups of dedicated orangutan warriors are responsible for monitoring, observing, and collecting data on released orangutans. However, the role of... View Article

A mural with a purpose

Jaqueline Pascarl and her husband, Dr Ian Maratos, from Melbourne love murals and the images they reflect. And both are deeply concerned about the destruction of the rainforest in Borneo and the habitat of orangutans. Being... View Article

World Habitat Day 2020

The first Monday of every October is designated as World Habitat Day, which this year falls on 5 October. This is a day for us to reflect on the state of the cities and towns in which... View Article

A look back at 2019

Please watch this short video for a brief outline of our achievements for 2019 in the rescue release and rehabilitation of Orangutans under our care in Borneo.  Thank you for your support.

Mother and Baby Rescued

The joint team from the Bontang Natural Resource Conservation Agency(BKSDA), East Kalimantan,and the staff from Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre at Samboja Lestari recently rescued a pair of mother-infant orangutan. A 20... View Article

Project Orangutan – The Exhibition

November 2014-December 2014
Project Orang-utan – The Exhibition (at Berrima and Sydney), by Jessica Warwick, is a Fundraising Art Exhibition featuring artists from Australia wide with the intention to raise awareness and to raise much needed funding for the International Animal Rescue Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang, Indonesian Borneo.

Orangutan Awareness Day

November 2014
Orangutan Awareness Day, Saturday 15th November
Shannon Reserve Surry Hills: 10.30am - 4.00pm.
Come and say hello to Lou Grossfeldt, BOS Vice President.

About Orangutans

News – Orangutan Behaviour Orangutans play video games too(15 March 2016) Reflections on a Year of Following and Photographing Orangutans(3 February 2015) The human age: The world shaped by us(10 September 2014) Orangutans plot out travel... View Article

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BOS Australia

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BOS International

News – BOS International Olbert gets a second chance at freedom(14 June 2017) Elisa and Wardah enjoy their freedom in the wild(05 June 2017) BOS Foundation rescues Albino Orangutan(02 May 2017) Six More Orangutans Get Their... View Article