Illegal Pet Trade

Illegal pet trade Wild orangutan numbers are also affected by the illegal pet trade – particularly the socially inclined baby. Estimates suggest that more than 1000 orangutans are smuggled into Java and overseas each year. Indeed, a recent... View Article


Poaching Easier access and encroachment of people into the orangutan forests also leads to increased hunting of orangutans for meat, babies, skulls or, more recently for orangutan penises. As well as being consumed as bushmeat, body parts find... View Article

Timber products

Timber products Some 70% of all timber exported from Indonesia is illegally logged. In Australia, it is estimated that 9% of wood imports or $400 million is from illegal sources. (Jaakko Poyry Consulting 2005: Overview of... View Article


Biology An orangutan’s lifespan is about 35-40 years in the wild, and sometimes into the 50’s in captivity. Orangutan females only give birth about once every eight years – the longest time between births of any... View Article


Behaviour The orangutan is the only strictly arboreal ape and the largest tree-living mammal in the world. Although other apes do climb and build sleeping nests in the trees, they are primarily terrestrial (spending their lives... View Article


Diet The orangutan diet is made up of bark, leaves, flowers, a variety of insects, and most importantly, over 300 kinds of fruit.Termites and ants are part of their diet to obtain protein and for minerals... View Article

Our destructive ways

23 August 2009
Palm oil is a controversial component of everything from cosmetics to confectionery. Its use has been blamed on the destruction of tropical rainforest and habitat for the Sumatran tiger and orang-utan. Public discontent is growing. Just last week, Cadbury New Zealand announced it had shelved plans to use palm oil in its Dairy Milk chocolate. But oil is not the only product that comes from palm.

Animal business

10 June 2009
Next month, Zoos Victoria, which manages Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, will release its postcard campaign, Don't Palm Us Off. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about the destruction of forests in South-East Asia, home of the orang-utan.

Experts feud over how to save apes

26 April 2009
A battle has broken out between conservationists over attempts to save the orang-utan. The groups are divided over the issue of reintroducing to the wild orphaned animals that are now living in refuges in Borneo and Sumatra.


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Orangutan Friendly Activities and ProductsIn your daily life there are also plenty of opportunities to help with orangutan conservation. A sensitive and thoughtful approach with your interaction with nature is a big step in the right direction....