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Once released to the wild, rehabilitated orangutans are monitored closely for a certain period of time by our post-release monitoring (PRM) team, which collects behavioural data during daily observations. Totti, one of the more-recently released orangutans... View Article

Orangutan Update: Indonesia

After weeks of nest-to-nest observations on five recently-released orangutans, our PRM team turned its focus back to the more senior inhabitants of the Kehje Sewen Forest. Orangutans like Indonesia, a female we reintroduced in December 2016, whose signal was recently... View Article

Everyone Takes Cover in the Rain

The word ‘orangutan’ comes from the Indonesian words orang, meaning ‘person’, and hutan, meaning ‘forest’; thus, ‘orangutan’ translates as ‘person of the forest’. These amazing great apes have more in common with humans than their name implies. Not only in... View Article

Heartbreaking Rescue

Earlier today, Thursday, February 15, 2018, a team from BOSF Samboja Lestari retrieved an individual female orangutan aged around 5 years old from BKSDA East Kalimantan Office. The young orangutan we named Riana was confiscated from a Bontang resident who has been keeping her for 4 years.... View Article